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IAT Service Center

"Environmentally-friendly tank cleaning and secured storage in Kolding"

IAT Service Center is the department where you find highly qualified personnel who know what's important when tanks need to be cleaned. We also know how to safely store tanks, with or without something in them.

With the latest, most modern tank cleaning equipment, we are part of the European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations (EFTCO). This means that the IAT Service Center can issue the official European Cleaning Document (ECD) documentation often required by the chemical and food industries.

Our terminal is centrally located in Kolding, near the E20/E45 motorways. Drivers can wait at IAT's facilities, have their Tachograph read and minimize their downtime.  

Your needs, wishes and requirements are handled professionally on an individual basis. You can be sure you'll get the right solution when you call +45 7634 3990.


Core Competencies:

  • Important knowledge of effective methods of safe and environmentally sound cleaning of tanks, tankers, pallet containers and IBC tanks on the inside and out
  • Problem free storage of liquid chemicals and dangerous goods
  • Pressure testing of tank containers
  • Updating ADR equipment
  • Rental of tanks for transport or storage
  • Top class safety and service
  • High quality partnership

Certifications and Approvals:

Member of:

       Quick Guide to EFTCO´s Homepage

Both organisations focus on high quality, effective and environmentally-safe cleaning of tanks.

Price list

Prices for tank cleaning as of 01.02.2024
Prices for external cleaning as of 01.02.2024

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