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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fleet management provides better service and protects the environment

Environmental considerations and an even better service towards its customers are the main reasons for the implementation of a modern fleet management system in IAT’s own tractors and tractors of regularly used hauliers.

“In addition to being an efficiency initiative, the system provides us with the possibility of giving our customers better cargo trach & trace”, explains Jørgen Sørensen, Managing Director of IAT.

All connected trucks can be viewed in online, providing the freight forwarder with complete statistics and optimization tools. Optimization of trucks and routes ensures that the cargo is delivered quickly and safely to consignees around Europe.

A green profile is important to IAT. The company encourages all drivers to “drive green”, and continuously collects driving profile statistics with the aim to improve driving patters and Co2 emissions. Internally, drivers can even compete on having the greenest profile.

Further to fuel economy and driving patterns, the freight forwarder can see remaining driving time for each truck and can ensure that driving time and rest periods are adhered to.

”It is important to us that we live up the trust that our customers place in us. We put great honour in complying with the rules. With this system, we have an even better way of documenting that IAT values quality and safety above all”, concludes Jørgen Sørensen.

The Vehco Communications system is implemented continuously over the first months of 2018.


If you are interested in learning more about IAT road transports and / or new notification possibilities for you cargo, please contact IAT Road on +45 7913 1000.