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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Hazardous waste may be costly for your business

The environmental demands for waste, and in particular hazardous waste, are considerate. Wrong handling, wrong permits or missing permits can result in fines of several thousand Euro.

Hazardous waste includes paint, pharmaceuticals, crushed fluorescent tubes, any type of battery, welding dust, raw rubber shavings, waste oil and frying oil.

”We deliver large volumes of hazardous waste for disposal or recycling at special treatment plants around Europe”, explains Thomas Nielsen from IAT’s special department for industrial cargo. “We obtain permits, ensure notifications, correct classification marking and that all insurance demands are fulfilled. This includes ensuring that our trucks follow the so-called mandatory routes for hazardous waste transport.”

IAT is one of just a few freight forwarders in Denmark with special expertise in the correct transport of hazardous waste. For this purpose, IAT’s own trailers and tankers are used for many of the transports.

”It is extremely important that hazardous waste is transported in closed systems, which can be tracked and documented from manufacturer to end destination. Therefore, we primarily use own equipment for this type of transport, so that our customers can be certain that everything is handled correctly”.

One of IAT’s customers is Stena Recycling A/S. Logistics responsible Keld Andreasen has nothing but praise for the cooperation with Thomas and his colleagues at IAT. “I am met by professionalism and a very broad knowledge on how to handle our special goods”, he says.


If you are interested in knowing more about the transport of hazardous waste, or are in doubt if you handle your hazardous waste correctly, you are more than welcome to contact Thomas Nielsen on ph. +45 7913 1067 or tbn@iat.dk.